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10 Days One Guernsey Summer

Olli the Ormer meets the King

Ithe Guernsey Handbook 2016

10 Days One Guernsey Summer

This is the first in the Olli the Ormer series. Olli is a sea creature who lives in a rockpool on the south coast of the Channel Island of Guernsey. Olli and his friends have many adventures in and around their rockpool. The stories are classic bedtime reading, for young children and as they bring to life a magical environment hidden away at the edge of the ocean.

The Guernsey Handbook 2016 is an essential Guide for anyone thinking of visiting the beautiful Island of Guernsey. The 2016 edition has new images and additional text providing even more useful information on what to see and do when you visit the Island. It also includes information on how to get to Guernsey, getting around on the Island and also information on places to stay and places to eat while on the Island. Combine this with a list of the main events, some historical information and also details about the other Channel Islands you can visit while in Guernsey and you can see why this should be a must read for anyone looking to visit the Island.

Based on a true story which took place during the second half of June 1940 the book follows the day to day issues facing a Guernsey family as the prospect of Evacuation, Invasion and Occupation became more and more real.

How did they cope? What actions could they take and how could they stay together? At times heart rending, this is a story based on the real events of 77 years ago.

A must read for anyone interested in this period of history.

Now available in Paperback or on Kindle.

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