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10 Days One Guernsey Summer

Tony Brassell, lives in Guernsey one of  the British Channel Islands

About the Author

I started writing Ten Days One Guernsey Summer some time ago and now 77 years after those traumatic days it is finally finished. In many senses, it has been a labour of love as time to write hasn’t always been easy to find.

I was born and raised in Guernsey and have lived here all of my life. I spent a lengthy career in the Civil Service, acquiring a wide knowledge of Guernsey and have a keen interest in the island’s heritage and culture, in a wide range of areas.

For many years, I was known as the island’s native guide, within the Civil Service, and have escorted VIP’s at the highest level, including a Deputy Prime Minister, when they have visited Guernsey.

When I left the Civil Service, I established a local tour company called Experience Guernsey Limited and operated that business until 2008. I am now working as a Business Advisor with the Guernsey Enterprise Agency, trading as Startup Guernsey (, helping people to get started in business. I am also the Branch Office for the IoD Guernsey Branch.

As well as the day jobs, I build, host and maintain websites for businesses and private individuals through the domain and in what little spare time I have left I love to write.

My unique perspective on Guernsey, through a lifetime based on the island, and having family that have lived through this terrible period in the island’s history, inspired me to write this story.

Please remember it is based on historical fact but is a work of fiction. The names of the main characters and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals and some elements added to give balance and perspective to the story. Any resemblance of the main characters to actual persons other than my family, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Throughout the whole book there is one inescapable fact. At one point my Grandmother took her children and left my Grandfather to get on to a boat not knowing when she would see him again or where they were going.

He wasn’t prepared to accept that they would have to live apart and risked everything to keep them together. In that respect, I feel this is primarily a love story.

It was love that drove every decision and in the end, it was love that kept them together.

I hope you enjoy this book, my first but hopefully not my last, novel.